From Pescara Airport

Come out of the airport from the Car Hire area.  Enter access code (given by car rental desk) and go through barrier. Turn right onto the main road  and follow the road for approx 2 miles.

Keep on this road until you see a green sign for the ‘AUTOSTRADA’.  Turn left here which will immediately bring you onto a large roundabout.  Take your third exit and head towards the Toll Barrier.  As you approach the toll booth keep to the left and take a ticket from the machine (the ticket machine is automatic so no need to press anything or speak to anybody.)

After taking the ticket follow the signs for ‘ANCONA’ and join the autostrada.  Turn on your headlights as this is a legal requirement when driving on Italian motorways.

Keep on the motorway for approx 3 junctions (go past the junctions for ROME, Citta St Angelo and PINETO.) until you reach the turning for ROSETO.  Turn off the autostarda here and approach the toll booth.  Again keep to the left and give your ticket to the man at the booth.  (don’t worry no need to speak as the fee required will be displayed next to the booth, should be approx 3 euros)  If you go into the middle booth don’t worry, but this booth is automatic (ie not manned).  If you do put your ticket in the machine which will display how much is required.  Put the money in the tray which opens up, which will open the barrier.

After going through the barrier you need to turn left across the main road and head towards TERAMO. Do not turn right as this will take you to ROSETO. (Be careful as this can be a busy road!)

Follow the road for approx 3 miles until you see a petrol station / garage on your left hand side.  Take the next left after the garage which should be sign posted ‘ATRI’.  Follow the road for approx 1 mile until you reach the bottom of FONTANELLE.  You will come to a small roundabout, take your second exit towards FONTANELLE and go up the hill (couple of sharp bends).  Go through the village, past the small garage and coffee shop.

Keep going on the same road as you leave the village, going further up the hill, around 4 sharp bends.  After about ½ mile you will see a turning on your left, sign posted CONICELLA.   Turn left here and follow the road for approx 600 metres, around a sharp bend to your left.  The house is the last house on the left hand side with 2 large silver gates.  Opposite the house is another house with 2 red reflectors on a post outside.

Approach the house and press the remote control, a yellow beach will flash when the doors open.

From Rome Ciampino Airport

Come out of Ciampino airport and turn right towards the ‘Autostrada’ – green coloured sign.

After about 600 metres keep right and the road will join the ‘Grande Racordo Annulare’ ‘GRA’ at junction 23 (3 lane road).  Keep on the ‘GRA’ until junction 14 (A24 exit), sign posted for ‘L’Aquila & Pescara’.  Join A24 heading out of Rome.

After about 7km you will approach a toll booth, take a ticket from the machine (Don’t lose it!). Keep on the A24, which is now an Autostrada (motorway), following the signs for ‘L’Aquila’.

After 61km the road splits, keep left following the signs for ‘L’Aquila / Teramo’.

Don’t follow the sign to Pescara!!

Keep on the A24, through a number of long tunnels, one 13km long, for a further 77km until you reach a toll booth.  Look for the booths with a ‘Biglietta’ sign or a picture of a man.  Don’t go to the ‘Autopass’ sign.

Hand the man your ticket at the open window, the fee will be displayed on a screen next to the operators window.  The fee should be about 15 euros.  The barrier will open when you have paid.  Keep on the A24  towards ‘Teramo’ for 5kms.

Exit the A24 at the ‘Val Vomano’ exit (2nd exit after the toll barrier).  Go straight on and follow the signs for ‘Roseto’. Keep going straight on for 14km.  You will go through some small villages, Piano di Corte & Castelnuovo Vomano’.

After 14km, on the right hand side you will see a sign for ‘Atri / Fontanelle’, turn right here. If you go past the Petrol station /  garage you have gone too far, turn around and go back 50 metres to the Atri junction.

Follow the road for approx 2 km.  You are at the bottom of Fontanelle.  You will come to a small roundabout, take your 2nd exit, going up the hill towards Fontanelle.  Keep going up the hill, around a few sharp bends, until you come into the village centre.  Keep going straight on, passed the garage on your left hand sign.  Say hello to Paulo if you need to fill up!

Keep going straight on coming out of the village, still going up hill.   After about 1km of twisty bends you will see a turning on your left hand side, sign posted ‘conicella’ . Turn left into ‘conicella’, starting to go down hill.  Go around a sharp left hand bend, keep going straight on.

Our house is the 6th on the left hand sign – Only yellow house!.  Opposite our house is another house with 2 small red reflectors on.  Approach the house, press the left hand button on the remote control and the gates will open.